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Welcome to FS2 Holly Class!

Meet the Teachers!

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PE Information

Holly Class will have PE on a Friday.

Please remember to send your child to school with PE kit. They need a pair of trainers, a white t-shirt and plain black shorts or a plain black tracksuit.
No jewellery can be worn during PE lessons: earrings must be removed.

Please make sure all items are clearly labelled with their name.

Spring 1- Journeys!


This half term we will be thinking about journeys. We will look at familiar journeys that we make each day and create simple maps of the routes that we take e.g. coming to school. 


We will also look at journeys people make to and from other countries. We will find where these countries are on a world map and look at how we might travel to different places. 



Our Maths learning this half term will link to our map work and will focus on directional language such as forwards, backwards, left and right. We will have lots of fun programming our bee bot robots to follow a simple route and even have a go at pretending to be robots ourselves, giving each other instructions. We will create our own maps of the classroom and playground and may even have our own treasure hunt!!

Here is some of the key vocabulary that we will be using this half term so you can help us at home too;




In Literacy this half term we will be learning how to use our fantastic phonics to read and write simple sentences. We will continue to practise using our Fred fingers to help us to spell words and will begin to think of our own sentences to write. We will be learning how to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly and will learn how to read and write some of our red tricky words.


Our key text this half term will be Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. This book follows Stick Man's journey as he tries to get back home to his family. 




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