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We have designed our own knowledge organisers to use as a school. They all begin with information about what the children should already know. Teachers revisit this before beginning a new unit of work to ensure the children have the necessary prior knowledge. the knowledge organisers also include key vocabulary and facts for the topic. They also include a list of what the children will know by the end of the unit so that they can regularly see the learning journey and where each lesson fits in to the big picture. The knowledge organisers also contain suggestions for websites and other reading material that the children could access at home. Copies of knowledge organisers are given to all children at the beginning of a unit of work and they are regularly referenced in school. They keep a copy in school and take a copy home so that they can discuss their learning with their family. In class, the children complete retrieval quizzes, define key words, 'brain dump' everything they know, generate their own questions, add other related facts, label diagrams and demonstrate skills related to their knowledge organiser so that the important information becomes part of their long term memory.