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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

This is where we will set activities for you to complete at home, together with providing the necessary support and guidance you may require.


Within this zone you will see; 


Video Centre where you will find videos of activities and guidance on how to approach tasks.


Class Blog which is where we will communicate with you. You can access your class blog and post questions or comments you have about the activities you are completing.


In order to access the blog and start to communicate with your teacher you will require your blogging username and password which your teacher will provide.


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Norfolk Community Primary School does Strictly Come Dancing

The staff sing the baked potato song!

A special message for the incredible children at NCPS from Joey Pelupessy!


How To Use ClassDojo

Parents and Carers, 

As you may already know, we want to make sure your children have plenty to keep 
them occupied while they cannot come to school. We want to ensure they are still 
learning and making progress, and we’d love to stay in touch with them during this tricky period which is so to what we are used to! 

As a school, and like thousands of other schools up and down the country, we have chosen to use a learning platform (an App) called ClassDojo. Most of our children know about it since many classes use it to keep points for individual children. 

The class teachers will upload activities, challenges and learning tasks for the children to do independently or with adult support. Staff will also post links and information about interesting websites you might like to use and so on. 

It’s also the perfect way for staff to stay in touch. We care about you and your children and want to know that you’re all ok through this difficult time 

Before the children left school, many of them were given a log on sheet with a personalised code which is unique for your child. 

These codes have also been sent out as a personalised text message so check back through your Teachers2Parents messages to find your child’s code.

Use the code in that text to follow these instructions, after you’ve downloaded the ClassDojo App from the App store (for free).       



To Create a Parent Account with a Parent Code:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Parent” from the center of the screen
  3. Enter your parent code and select “Check code” and Click on "I'm ___'s Parent" OR select “Sign up,” enter your first and last name, email address, and create a password before clicking "Sign Up" again    

The App itself works very much like Facebook. You can read messages from your child’s teacher, and they will read what you or your child upload or type. It’s best to have a play around and work out what how it works – no doubt your child can give you a crash course in 5 minutes. 

If you have a problem, please contact the school office and someone will be back in touch with more information. 

Welcome to Class Dojo

A brief introduction to how we will be using Class Dojo during the school closure.

Suggested timetable for structuring the day for home learning

If you have LEGO at home, why not try out the 30 day LEGO challenge

Project in a Box - Sheffield Theatres

We’ve teamed up with the Sheffield Children's University to bring theatre into your home.

Writer Chris Bush has written a story, but she’s having trouble finishing it, she needs your help! Not only do you have to finish the script, but you need to become the director, designer and the star of the show as you create your own Shadowbox Puppet Theatre. 

We’ve got six activities, filled with video workshops and guidance on storytelling techniques to bring your story to life.


1. Work through each activity in order. You may need some craft materials.

2. There’s numerous resources to help you create your production, including videos and music to accompany the show.

3. Remember to write your own ending to the script, be creative and put on a fantastic show!

Stories to help children understand coronavirus