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Maths Multiplication Game- 4 in a row

Here is a game you can make from pencil and paper. You will need something for counters but this can be easily adaptable. Ideally 2 players are needed.

4-in-a-row times tables game

Here is a maths game that anyone can play! All you really need is a pen, some paper and a partner!

Mrs Cotton's shape game

Mrs Cotton teaches you how to play a shape game from the Y2 Maths Pack.

Mrs Cotton's maths rainbows

Mrs Cotton teaches you how to make a Maths rainbow.

How many ways can you make ....

Miss Gold teaching Activity 4 from the Y6 maths homework learning pack

Product hunt

Miss Gold teaching Y6 maths home learning pack Activity 6

Shopping A-Round Y6 Maths Task

From the Home Learning Y6 Activity Maths Pack.

Favourite Number Y6 Maths Task

Choose a favourite number and consider 20 facts about it.

Miss Cooper - How many answers?

How many addition and subtraction calculations can you make using only 6 digits?

Miss Cooper - Areas

Can you estimate and measure areas accurately?

Miss Cooper - At the double

How quickly can you double your numbers?

Get Arty Maths Task

This task is about being creative and including a range of angles in your artwork. Hope you like the example shown!

Mrs Cotton's Clock Activity

How many ways can you make y3/4

How many ways can you show y3/4

Y3/4 My favourite number

Mrs Cotton's favourite number poster

Mystery Times Tables with Mrs Golding!

This activity is sure to get your brains in gear! A real maths mystery!

Mrs Cotton's Ladder Game!

Y5/6 maths homework learning activity 9 - Area & perimeter

Maths activity on estimating the area & perimeter of things around your house with Miss Gold. How many things can find to do? Extra challenge - can you find ...

Mrs Cotton's Code Breaker! 🕵️‍♀️

Y5 (or 6) maths homework learning activity 10 on converting between metric units

Join Miss Gold in measuring and converting units between cm, mm, m & km. taken from the Y5 maths homework learning pack - activity 10

Miss Cooper - Multiplication mosaic

Miss Cooper - Division mosaic

Miss Cooper - Get arty

Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

Another quick refresher on multiplying and dividing by 10 100 and 100 just incase!

Formal method multiplication

A few people have messaged asking for a help with this so hopefully this does the trick!

Maths, paper, scissors KS2

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