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Create a Story Jar or box for World Book Day

Why not create a story jar or story box for World Book Day? This could be a great project for the half term holiday.

Children are invited to think about how their favourite storybook could be represented in a jar or a box, for example, by using certain items, pictures, quotes or clues about the story.

You might need:
- A jar or a small box (like a shoe box)
- Paper, felt tips, crayons, glue & scissors
- Junk items, plastic pots, bottle tops, anything from the recycling box?
- Pebbles, twigs free natural materials etc

Please don't buy any expensive items the children can have the fun of using their imagination, drawing the characters and making the props and pictures.

Bring your story jar or box to school when you have finished so it can be displayed for World Book Day.
Don't forget to put your name and class on your jar or box.

Have fun!