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Dress Up for Digits Day! Friday 4th February

We are delighted to be supporting the NSPCC by taking part in Number Day on Friday 4 February 2022.

The NSPCC need our support more than ever. By raising money, we can help to fund their vital services such as Childline – the helpline that’s always there for children and young people whatever their problem or concern.
This video gives some more information about the day.

Making maths meaningful
Number Day is a great way to make maths fun and bring about a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude
towards it.

During the day on 4th February and 7th February the children will be taking part in a variety of fun number and maths related activities in school.

Here are two ways you can help support your child.

1. Dress up for Digits on Friday 4th February.
Pupils and teachers can wear an item of clothing with a number on it (football shirt, cap, netball shirt or even a onesie!). Or get even more creative by dressing in a maths or numbers theme. To help raise money for the NSPCC, we are asking for a suggested donation of £2, and we’d love everyone in the school to take part in this special event.

2. We are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools in the UK for NSPCC Number Day on Friday the 4th of February. It’s all done online via
For every correct answer to a multiplication or division question, your child will earn their class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who play between 7.30am and 7.30pm on Friday 4th). Winning classes in the school and in the competition as a whole will be the ones with the highest average.
Please encourage your child to take part and ask your teacher if they need their login details.

We are looking forward to two exciting days of maths!