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The Reception Team includes:

Miss Mellor- Class Teacher

Mrs Keightey- Class Teacher

Miss Doyle- Teaching Assistant

Mr Roth- Teaching Assistant


Autumn 2- Heroes


This half term in Reception we are thinking about'Heroes'. We will be looking at the Heroes in our own communities such as Fire Fighters, Police, Doctors and Nurses and what they do to help us and keep us safe. 


We will also be thinking about what makes each of us 'Super'by celebrating the different things that we are good at and understanding that everyone has their own strengths. We will discuss how we can use things we are good at to help others and be 'heroes.' We will also think about what we might want to do/be when we grow up.





Key Texts


Below are our key texts for this half term. We will be reading them regularly with your children so that they can become involved in the retelling of these stories and build up the number of stories that they know. Hearing familiar stories lots of times builds up children's confidence and supports their love of stories.


Look out for these key texts in school, at home or in the library and share them with your child. They may even be able to tell you parts of the story :)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Meet the Numberblocks

Meet the Numberblocks 1

In Reception we follow a Numberblocks scheme of work to teach Maths. The scheme focuses on giving children a solid understanding of numbers up to 10 in a fun and interactive way. This deeper understanding of early number is then built upon throughout the year with the introduction of the Numberblock characters up to 20. 

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