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The Reception Team includes:

Miss Mellor- Class Teacher

Mrs Keightey- Class Teacher

Miss Doyle- Teaching Assistant

Mr Roth- Teaching Assistant


Autumn 1- Ourselves


This half term in Reception we are thinking about ourselves and our families. We will be talking to our friends about who is in our family and sharing news about our special times.

We will also be thinking about the similarities and differences between ourselves and others such as our likes and dislikes, hair colour, eye colour etc. 


How you can help us:

Please could children bring a family photo into school before Monday 16th September to share with the class. Photos will be kept safe by teachers and will be returned at the end of the week.



Meet the Numberblocks

Meet the Numberblocks 1
In Reception we follow a Numberblocks scheme of work to teach Maths. The scheme focuses on giving children a solid understanding of numbers up to 10 in a fun and interactive way. This deeper understanding of early of number is then built upon throughout the year with the introduction of the Numberblock characters up to 20. 

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