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Year 2


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Could you help us with our DT project? We need to collect a few cereal boxes to make our pirate ships with. When you empty your next cereal box, could you bring it into Y2 please? 

Thanks for your support. 

The Y2 team includes:

  • Miss Woodhams - Class Teacher  / KS1 Phase Leader
  • Mrs. Cotton - Class Teacher 
  • Miss Needham -Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Fowler - Teaching Assistant


Autumn 1: Explorers


This half term we will be historians finding out about explorers from the past and modern day. We will research famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook, Dame Ellen MacArthur and find out what happened during the Golden Age of Piracy. 


In Literacy we will be reading; The Pirates next door by Jonny Duddle. This is a great story and will lead to the children writing their own pirate stories. We will research pirates and write about many facts, such as; how pirates lived, what food they ate and the pirate code. 


In science we will be investigating materials and their properties, carrying out experiments to find out which material is suitable to make a boat with. We will link this with our Design Technology work where we will be making boats with a moving part, before checking that they don’t sink in the great Y2 boat float at the end of term.

Science Topic words and meanings

Other activities you could try at home: