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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


The Y2 team includes:

  • Miss Woodhams
  • Mrs Chandler
  • Miss Needham (TA)
  • Mrs Burgess (TA)

This half term's topic: The Secret of Black Rock & The Great Fire of London


The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton 

There are several legends about the nature of the Black Rock in the fishing community where Erin Pike lives with her mum and their dog. What is the secret of Black Rock? One day Erin sneaks onto her mum’s fishing boat which leads to her finding out. Her adventure in the underwater world encompasses an environmental message within the framework of a story set out in a graphic novel format.


The Great Fire of London


Placing the Great Fire of London on a timeline and exploring ways in which London was different in 1666.


Exploring the events of the Great Fire and Samuel Pepys’ experiences.


Investigating some of the reasons the fire lasted so long, and measures that were put in place to ensure a fire on such a large scale didn’t happen again.


Considering how we know about the Great Fire, looking at sources including Pepys’ diary, pictures, reports and artefacts.


Recalling key facts and events from the Great Fire and expressing understanding in a variety of ways.