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Year 3


The Y3 team includes:

  • Mrs Dyson
  • Miss Flanagan
  • Miss Fowler
  • Mrs Pease


Long term overview

Books that we love

Autumn 1 - Tribal Tales (Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age)


Let’s travel back to prehistoric times! This half term we’re going to find a prehistoric site in our local area by studying maps and researching online. Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? Using techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, we’ll make Stone Age tools. We’ll look closely at cave paintings and create our own. As we learn about the Bronze Age, we’ll build monuments and investigate their shadows. In science, we’ll plant grains and learn about plant life cycles. Copying the Beaker folk style, we’ll make clay containers. Then, we’ll travel to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts and the properties of iron. We’ll also make Iron Age jewellery. During an exploratory dig, we’ll find all sorts of objects and creatures. What will we uncover? At the end of the unit, we’ll write performance poetry to insult our enemies! We’ll use the internet to research Celtic beliefs, and hold a ‘Celtic Gods and Goddesses day’.

Autumn 2 - Predator

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Find out who’s coming to visit. Is it a bug munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey? Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it? Learn about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap. Be inspired to write an informative leaflet all about your favourite predator and compose a poem about a predator or its prey. Then use what you know about the best of the beasts to create the ultimate predator; the apex of the food chain. Cross your dad with a peregrine falcon or your nan with a great white shark. What incredible species can you imagine? Feeling peckish? Let’s jump aboard the food chain.


Spring 1 – Tremors (Volcanoes and Rocks Geography Topic)


Tremors – Overwhelming and Mighty. Mother nature’s awesome energies hiss and roar deep inside the earth. We are going to be discovering what lies under the surface of the earth. For this half term we will become experts in all things to do with volcanoes and the earths structure. We will use maps to locate famous volcanoes and find out why and how they erupt. In literacy we will be writing reports about volcanoes and reading about where pebbles come from. In history we will explore what happen in the ancient city of Pompeii.

Spring 2 - Ancient Greece

From nothingness came chaos; from chaos came air and water; from air and water came life. Then, rising majestically from the darkness, came Gaia, Mother Earth, a beacon of warmth and light. Discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets. Meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships. Explore the terrains of Greece, where in pure blue skies, the Sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus. Then decide your own fate when a mysterious box is found and stirs your curious mind.

Summer 1 - Scrumdiddlyumptious


Tuck in and enjoy a yummy journey of discovery. This half term we will tasting a variety of fruit and vegetables and learning about where the food we eat comes from. We will be focusing on why food is important. In literacy we will be reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ and using this to inspire our writing about chocolate. We will be writing our own recipes and persuasive adverts and also cooking our own recipes. We will explore what fair Trade is and why it is important.

Summer 2 - Urban Pioneers

Hop on the bus and take a trip downtown where the lights are bright, and every street has a story to tell. Explore with fresh eyes the art of the city, then capture a moment in time – perhaps a reflection on a building or a shadow passing by. Make a map of your home town and find out how things have changed. Has time changed town life for the better? How could you improve the urban environment? Maybe add more colour? More light? More things to do, or perhaps a plaza with a comfortable bench or two? Or maybe, like Emil, the city astounds you with its sights and sounds and people rushing by. Now light up the city with creations of your own – a statue, a light show, a monument or street art. The possibilities are endless. What will you choose? You’re an urban pioneer, so get ready to go.