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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


The Y4 team includes:

  • Mrs Taylor (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Miss Khan
  • Mr. Turner
  • Miss Jackson (TA)
  • Mrs Ridsdale (TA)

This half term's topic: Traders and Raiders


Our topic will be exploring British history, focusing on the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We will sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. We will find out about the life of the Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from. We will also meet the bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia.


Science – We will be looking at sound this half term. We will learn about how sound is created, how it travels, structure of musical instruments and how the human ear works


Art and Design – Printing

We will look at and copy a range of intricate Anglo-Saxon pattern work and use our drawings to create print blocks. We will also be designing items to sell at the Summer Fayre.


Help your child prepare for their project

Research Vikings on the internet.

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