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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


The Y5 team includes:


  • Miss Lynas
  • Mrs Connolly
  • Mrs Bratton (HLTA)

This half term's topic: Time travellers


Tick, tock, tick, tock the hands on the clock never stop. From the moment we are born, from toddler to teen, from middle aged to elderly, time stops for no man. We will be finding out what happens to our body and our brain as we grow older and discuss what life is like at each life stage.



The human body

We will be looking at how our body develops through puberty and how we cope with these changes. We will discover how long it takes for a baby to grow in the womb. Does it take longer for different animals?



This half term we will be learning about the different types of forces such as friction, gravity, air resistance and water resistance. We will be learning about Newton’s laws of motion.


Art and Design – We will explore a number of artists and photographers who focus on portraits and will look at how portraits are used in newspapers to convey meaning. Children will then create their own portrait using their chosen medium.


Help your child prepare for their project

The possibilities are endless when you’re thinking about time. Why not look at old photos of family members and explore how they have changes? You could also look at old photos of Sheffield and how it has changed through time. You could also begin to prepare your child for a discussion about puberty.

Y5 information for parents

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