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Autumn 1- All about Me!


This half term we will be spending lots of time getting to know our new friends and teachers. We will be thinking about what makes each of us special and how we are similar and different. We will also be talking lots about our families.



Here are some of the books we will be sharing as a class.



We will have a big focus on Personal, Social and Emotional development this half term, supporting the children to recognise and label how they are feeling using our self-regulation board. We will use lots of stories to help us talk about and understand different feelings and to think about how   others may feel. 





In Maths this half term we will be developing our skill of subitising. Subitising is recognising small amounts without counting and is a really important skill in building up number sense. We will use the language of 'what can you see?' to talk about things within the environment and in images we look at. 



We will also be introducing the children to 5 frames for our self registration each morning. 




This half term we will learning one new sound each day. We will learn how to say each sound phonetically as well as beginning to orally blend words with these sounds in them. Fred the frog helps us to hear sounds in words and blend them together to read e.g. s-i-t sit.


We will use our handwriting phrases to learn how to write each letter correctly. We have lots of fun practising using large paper, chalks on the playground, paint and foam. 



Our key text this half term will be Elmer by David McKee. This book follows Elmer who is patchwork and looks different to all of the other grey elephants. This books celebrates difference and promotes inclusivity and friendship. 



P.E. Information



Walnut Class have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  

Wednesday will be outdoor P.E. and Friday will be Indoors. For outdoor P.E. please provide your child with warm clothing during the colder months such as dark jogging bottoms/leggings and a jacket. They will also need trainers that fasten securely on to their feet, these can be any colour. To avoid any of their items becoming lost please could names be put in all items of clothing.
No jewellery can be worn during P.E lessons: earrings must be removed.


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