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Our vision and aims

Our aims and vision

We recognise PE is crucial for the well-being and development of our pupils and decided as a school we would invest in a PE Specialist. This will improve the quality of PE lessons for our children as well as providing the knowledge teaching staff need in order to become more confident at teaching PE.

It will give our children an increasing amount of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. Most importantly having a PE specialist will improve behaviour at break/lunchtimes through the provision of different activities and help children understand how to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We aim for our children to have more opportunities to participate in a broad range of competitions and events across Sheffield as well as having a range of after school club opportunities. These are thoroughly enjoyed by all. Sports clubs and PE agencies will help create manageable and sustainable links in the local community


Through the teaching of PE Norfolk Community Primary School intends to:

  • Enable children to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and co-ordination
  •  Encourage children to work and play with others in a range of group situations.
  • Develop the way children perform skills and apply rules for different activities.
  • Show children how to improve the quality and control of their performance.
  • Teach children to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise.
  • Develop the children’s enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination.
  •  Develop an understanding in children of how to succeed in a range of physical activities and how to evaluate their own success.
  • Assess pupils learning, analyse and interpret the results to inform future planning and lessons.