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After School Clubs

Sports Hall Athletics

We take part in the Sports hall athletics competition every year. This is where 10 girls and 10 boys will participate in an athletics competition indoors. This is very popular with our pupils and we have had some recent success. Last year we manage to come 1stin our local cluster final and qualify for the LINKS final at Goals. Some of the events include the standing long jump, speed bounce and the 4x1 lap mixed relay.


Y5/6 boy’s football

Sheffield United will be running this alongside Mr Marsh. This is to prepare the boys for the cluster competitions and the Sheffield Federation School Sport league (SFFS). We usually have at least 20 boys that turn up for this with the potential for 2 teams in each year group. First round of competitions are played at Springs Academy.


Y4 boy’s football

Y4 football training will be starting in early September. The Y4s usually take part in training but for the first year we have entered into the SFFS league. This is exciting news for the boys and are very excited to play some competitive football.


KS2 Cross Country

This club is run by Mrs Bratton and is full every year. This is where the children get to show off their running skills, learn how to be efficient and pace themselves when running. They go running in the school grounds and around Norfolk Park. The children love this and look forward to the Saturday morning competitions throughout the year. The first one is in September!


Y5 basketball

This club consists of boys and girls from Y5 which will lead to the Sheffield Hotshots competition. This is a wonderful link between school and the community as opportunities are available to participate in Hotshots training out of school hours. We will work on all aspects of basketball to prepare thoroughly for the competition.