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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!




Mrs C Whittingham


Miss R JohnsonAssistant Headteacher
Miss A WoodhamsAssistant Headteacher
Mrs K BaggAssistant Headteacher
Mrs A ConnellyAssistant Headteacher



Ms E GoodgroveSENDCo

Mrs J Squiers                       

Safeguarding Liaison Officer

Mrs S MontgomeryLearning Mentor 
Mrs L LondonLearning Mentor
Mr M JohnsonLearning Mentor
Miss H ClarkeAttendance Officer



Mr L Marsh                        PE Specialist Teacher
Mrs F HeathSchool Direct Co-ordinator
Ms M LakeLearning Support



Mrs S Barthram & Ms E GoodgroveNursery (Apple & Pear)
Miss B TaylorReception  (Chestnut)
Miss V MellorReception  (Walnut)

Miss N Keightley

Year 1  (Holly)
Miss H McLoughlinYear 1  (Cherry)
Mrs K LewisYear 2 (Oak)
Mrs O Cropper & Mr Roth SavageYear 2  (Pine)
Mr T Padmore & Mrs I KhanYear 3  (Beech)
Mrs D DysonYear 3  (Hawthorn)
Miss A LumsdenYear 4  (Birch)
Mrs H Newton & Mrs R JarmanYear 4  (Hazel)
Mrs H PurcellYear 5 (Lime)
Miss G LoweYear 5 (Willow)
Miss A ClackYear 6 Maple
Miss D Buck Year 6 (Elm)



Mrs L Bloom2 yrs old - Nursery (Apple)
Mrs V Cardwell2 yrs old - Nursery (Apple)
Mrs J EllisNursery (Pear)
Miss J HughesNursery (Pear)
Mrs C DoyleReception Class (Walnut)
Miss L GoreReception Class (Chestnut)
Mrs S DizonYear 1 (Holly)
Mrs D AndersonYear 1 (Cherry)
Mrs J FowlerYear 2 (Oak)
Miss C NeedhamYear 2 (Pine)
Miss K ReedYear 3 (Beech)
Mrs R Willott-HarperYear 3 (Hawthorn)
Mrs K PeaceYear 4 (Hazel)
Mrs M ShirleyYear 4 (Birch)
Mrs A GrantYear 5 (Lime)
Mrs E HuskovicYear 5 (Willow)
Mrs A SiddallYear 6 (Elm)
Miss V RobinsonYear 6 (Maple)
Mrs K PopayHLTA
Miss B FlatherHLTA



Mrs D Clarke    School Business Manager
Ms J MaileSenior Administrator
Miss H ClarkeAdmin Officer
Miss Y FicetolaWhole School Assistant
Mr A WilsonBuilding Supervisor
Mrs J WhiteCleaner
Mrs R RooneyCleaner
Mrs C SkinnerCleaner
Miss A GrantCleaner
Miss C CromptonCleaner
Miss R WilletCleaner



Mrs K White      Cook
Mrs A SturtchAssistant Cook
Mrs M SavagePlay Leader
Miss PickorerLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L CardwellLunchtime Supervisor
Miss J WoodLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T BriggsLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K BlandLunchtime Supervisor