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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!




Miss A Clarke Headteacher
Mr T Thorpe Assistant Head - Key Stage 2 Lead
Miss R Johnson Assistant Head - Pastoral lead/SENCO
Miss A Woodhams Assistant Head - Key Stage 1 Lead
Mrs A Connolly Key Stage 2 Y3/4 Lead
Mrs J Collins Teaching & Learning
Miss V Mellor Foundation Stage 2 Lead



Mrs J Squires                       

Safeguarding Liaison Officer

Mrs S Montgomery Learning Mentor 
Miss S Willgoose

TA & Attendance Lead

Mrs E Huskovic Teaching Assistant



Mr L Marsh                         PE Specialist Teacher
Mrs F Heath School Direct Co-ordinator
Ms J Barn Focus Psychology
Ms M Lake Learning Support



Mrs S Barthram      Nursery
Ms E Goodgrove Nursery 
Mrs N Keightley Reception  ( RNB)
Miss V Mellor Reception  (RVM)
Miss K Whitehead Year 1  (1KW)
Mrs D Dyson Year 1  (1DD)
Miss A Woodhams & Miss I Khan Year 2  (2AW)
Mrs E Cotton Year 2  (2EC)
Miss R Jarman Year 3  (3RJ)
Mrs A Connolly & Mrs O Cropper Year 3  (3AC/OC)
Miss H Cooper & Mrs F Heath Year 4  (4HC)
Mrs S Golding Year 4  (4SG)
Mr R Hallatt Year 5 (5TT)
Mrs H Pursall Year 5  (5HP)
Miss E Gold Year 6 (6EG)
Mrs J Collins & Mr. T Thorpe    Year 6 (6JC)
Mr E Joyce Year 6
Mrs E Neuss KS2



Mrs L Beaumont        2 yrs old - Nursery
Mrs V Cardwell 2 yrs old - Nursery
Mrs J Ellis 2 yrs old - Nursery
Miss J Hughes Nursery
Mrs C Doyle Reception Class
Mr A Roth Reception Class
Mrs D Anderson Year 1 Class
Mrs K Ruane Year 1 Class
Mrs N Burgess Year 1 Class
Mrs S Dizon Year 1 Class
Miss C Needham Year 2 Class
Mrs J Fowler Year 2 Class
Miss N Colling Year 2 Class
Mrs K Pease Year 3 Class
Mrs M Shirley Year 3 Class
Miss A Jackson Year 4 Class
Mr S Hemsworth Year 4 Class
Miss L McCormack Year 5 Class
Mrs J Ridsdale Year 5 Class
Miss V Robinson Year 6 Class
Mrs A Siddall Year 6 Class
Mrs E Huskovic Year 6 Class



Mrs V Morgan            Business Manager
Mrs J Birks             Senior Administrator
Mrs H Reynolds Finance /Admin Officer 
Miss G House Admin Officer
Mr A Wilson Building Supervisor
Mrs J Frost Cleaner
Mrs L Day Cleaner
Mrs C Skinner Cleaner
Miss A Grant Cleaner
Miss C Crompton Cleaner



Mrs K White       Cook
Mrs A Sturtch Assistant Cook
Mrs M Savage Play Leader
Ms R Seddon Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss R Williot Lunch Time Supervisor
Mr N Savage Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss A Grant Lunch Time Supervisor