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Opening Times


School opens at 8:00 AM for breakfast club ( children must attend with parents or be booked into breakfast club at a cost of £2.00- please see the office for details) All children should be coming into class when doors open at  8:45 AM.

It is really important children are in class on time, mornings are an important time to catch up with friends and hear class plans for the day. Please talk to school staff if you are having difficulties bringing your child into school on time.

Here are some  Punctuality Pointers to help!


Get your child their own alarm clock.

Get everything ready the night before - uniform, packed lunch, PE kit .

Come  earlier and join us for breakfast or lions club open 8:00 every week day in the dining room.

Set your alarm clock five minutes earlier.

Don't allow TV or computer games before everyone is ready - if at all.


School finishes at 3.00 each day, nursery parents may collect from 3.10