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Enquiry Questions



Year 1

Changes within living memory

What can I tell you about me and my family?

How are the toys I play with different to those from 50 years ago?



How do astronauts live in space?

What is different about space travel then and now?


Year 2

Florence Nightingale

Why do we remember Florence Nightingale?

What are the achievements key people have been remembered for?


The Great Fire of London

Who was to blame for the Great Fire of London?

Who helped in the Great Fire of London?


Year 3

The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

What was ‘new’ about the New Stone Age (and how do we know)?

What was better, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age?


Ancient Greece

How can we find out about the civilisation of the Ancient Greeks?

Can we thank Ancient Greece for anything in our lives today?


Year 4

The Romans

How did the Romans invade Britain and how successful were they?

How did the Romans influence the culture of the people already living in Britain?


Ancient Egypt

Should the Ancient Egyptians have been proud of their pyramids?

Was the Nile the sources of Ancient Egypt’s success?


Year 5

Anglo Saxons

Was life better in Anglo Saxon Britain or Roman Britain?

What changes did Anglo Saxons bring to British society?


The Mayans

Savages or civilised? What were the Mayans really like?

How did the Mayan Empire end?


Year 6

The Vikings

The Vikings – ruthless killers or peaceful settlers?

Who were the Vikings and why did they invade Britain?


World War 2

What were the causes of World War Two?

How did World War Two affect different people within society?