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School Meals

Our school lunches are wonderful!

They are provided by Taylor Shaw and each day, children have a choice of the following

  • Red - meat based main meal
  • Green - vegetarian main meal
  • Purple - jacket potato
  • Yellow - sandwich

with super puddings, salad bar and bread available each day.


School Dinner Prices


NURSERY DINNERS - £1.75 per day (£8.75 per week)


PRIMARY DINNERS - £2.00 per day (£10 per week) 


School meals are free for all pupils in reception and Year 1 and 2- please encourage your child to try a lunch if the currently bring in sandwiches from home, we are sure they will enjoy!




Dinner menus are in a 3 week rotation with the week beginning on the dates below.


Week 1- Starting Week beginning- 12th Sept, 3rd Oct, 24th Oct, 14th Nov, 5th Dec. 


Week 2- Starting Week beginning-29 Aug, 19th Sept, 10th Oct, 31st Oct, 21st Nov, 12th Dec. 


Week 3- Starting Week beginning-5th Sept, 26th Sept, 17th Oct, 7th Nov, 28th Nov. 


Please click on the link below to look at the dinner menus.