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Events and Competitions

Autumn 2019


Sheffield United

Sheffield United will be working with us all year round through the Primary stars programme. This will include them teaching quality lessons within every year group throughout school. Teachers will be a part of this to gain vital CPD in teaching Physical Education. The coaches have also started working with a group of Y6 children to improve their reading using football as the driving factor. This has been very successful so far as it has got the pupils engaged right from the start. Finally as part of this programme SUFC will be running an after school club every Monday aimed at some of our targeted groups to increase participation and confidence throughout school.


Street Dance

We are very lucky to have a street dance coach in every Wednesday for the Y5 children in curriculum time. This has been very popular with our Y5s and they have been showcasing this around school at break and lunchtimes. Y6 have also had the opportunity to take part in this at lunchtimes if they wanted. This has been attended by at least 10 children a time with children creating and performing routines with the dance coach.



‘The Mini Mermaid scheme, for girls aged 7 to 11, launched in four Sheffield schools at the start of February. Its unique programme combines physical activity with mindfulness exercises to increase self-esteem and well-being during girls' formative years.

As more research shows correlations among girls reticence to partake in physical activity, the role of lack of self-esteem, and the social, mental and physical negative long term effects, Mini Mermaids offers a timely, relevant preventative programme to counter those trends.

Key elements of the programme include two characters, who represent girls' 'inner cheerleader' and their 'inner critic'. Girls learn to identify and acknowledge both voices, while developing strategies to following their positive voice.’

We decided to take part in this through our partnership with LINKS who have a qualified mini-mermaid tutor. This intervention has had a really positive start with girls taking part from both sporting and a non-sporting backgrounds. We are really excited to see the girl’s confidence and self-esteem increase.


Street Dance Y3

Our Y3 children also took part in street dance in Autumn 2. They had a couple of different coaches so was lucky enough to learn different routines. There is a clear sign of engagement from the children with some children saying they want to take this further and join a dance group out of school.


Y5/6 boy’s football tournament

10 of our Y5/6 boys took part in the Sheffield Federation for school sport competition held at Springs Academy. There were some wonderful play from our boys and our team sprit was immense. We didn’t quite qualify for the next round but it was a really positive night, well done!


Y4 boy’s football competition

In October our Y4 football team participated in the Y4 LINKS competition held at Goals. Everyone played a significant part over the evening. We qualified from our group as winners and got through to the semi-final. We won 1-0 in the semi-final which got us through to the next round and therefore the Sheffield Finals. What a result this was for our Y4 team which for some was their first experience of a football competition.


Y4 Sheffield Finals

Going into the Sheffield finals our team’s confidence was on top of the world which was shown with their performance on the pitch. We yet again qualified from our group as winners and got all the way through to the final. In the final we were the better team and deserved to win but the result was a draw. As a result we had to go into extra time, Norfolk were still on top but missed some easy chances, with extra time also finishing a draw. As there had to be a team that would qualify for the South Yorkshire finals we had to go to penalties which we unfortunately lost by one goal. When our Y4 team go into Y5 we will be champions of Sheffield. 


Sports hall athletics

Our sport hall athletics team has been attended in numbers this year with at least 25 children taking part. These children have been practicing passing the baton over while moving at high speed which has been a real strength for us this year. They have also been practicing kicking off the reversa board and their own individual events. The 25 children all took part in one event at Springs at some point over the Autumn term. We had one practice on our own with Mr Malkin at Springs Academy where we gained some vital confidence. After this we had one practice event against all the schools and then the final. In the final our 10 boys and 10 girls were exceptional, we finished 2nd by 4 points (1 win) and just missed out on the LINKS finals.


Y5 football tournament

Our Y5 team took part in the SFFS football competition at Springs Academy. The teamwork from the boys was one of the best we have ever seen. A couple of children had never had this experience before and said it was one of the best things they had ever done. We look forward to this team improving even more in Year 6.   


Disability Awareness week

In our disability awareness week, PE lessons were transformed. We watched an inspirational video from Paralympians and our focus in lesson was on Boccia. Boccia is a Paralympic sport usually played by people in wheelchairs. This sport goes to the highest level. All children throughout school got to learn and play the game of Boccia. This was very successful with a huge number of children asking if we could do this again.