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History is exciting! It is also at the heart of EVERYTHING we learn. Not only do we teach our history topics in great depth, but we also interweave the subject through our entire curriculum. It is so vital that the children cover many aspects of history through time during all of our learning. On this page you find lots of information about the teaching of history at Norfolk.

Whole School History Coverage



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Changes within living memory

Florence Nightingale

The Stone Age

The Romans


The Vikings


The Great Fire of London

Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Mayans

World War Two

National Curriculum


At Norfolk, the history curriculum is carefully mapped out across school ensuring that the areas of the National Curriculum are thoroughly covered. Click below to read the National Curriculum guidelines.

Key Drivers


At Norfolk, we strive to work towards our key driver learner qualities in all subjects, and history is no different! Click below to find out how we are using them in History.


Enquiry questions


Our History curriculum is underpinned by enquiry questions: deep questions that the children will develop their understanding of throughout the unit of work. These questions are regularly revisited so that the children can develop their responses and understanding. Click below to find out all of our exciting questions!