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Y3 Beech

Welcome To Y3 Birch Class

Y3 Birch team:

Mrs S. Golding (Class teacher)

Ms K. Reed (classroom assistant)


Our PE days are on Thursdays and Fridays.
Please remember to send you child to school with a PE kit.
They will need a pair of trainers, a white/blue t shirt and plain grey/black shorts or a plain grey/blue/black tracksuit. 
No jewellery can be worn during PE lessons: Earrings must be removed. 


Our Learning Journey

Autumn 1 - Could you have survived in the Stone Age?


Let’s travel back to prehistoric times! This half term we’re going to find a prehistoric site in our local area by studying maps and researching online. Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? Using techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, we’ll make Stone Age jewellery. We’ll look closely at cave paintings too and have a go at creating our own. 

Spring 1  – Would you want to live near a volcano?


Tremors – Overwhelming and Mighty. Mother nature’s awesome energies hiss and roar deep inside the earth. We are going to be discovering what lies under the surface of the earth. For this half term we will become experts in all things to do with volcanoes and the earths structure. We will use maps to locate famous volcanoes and find out why and how they erupt. In science we will learn all about the different types of rocks, experiment with permeability and undertsand where pebbles come from. 

Spring 2 - How do you make a mummy? 


We are travelling all the way back to Ancient Egypt this half term to learn all about the mysterious and marvellous Ancient Egyptians. We will investigate artefacts from the past, ask questions about what they might mean and learn all about the process of mummification. We will learn why the River Nile was so important and discover how this ancient ancient civilisation lived. As well as that we will have a go at making canopic jars out of clay in art and learn to play the glockenspiel in music! 

Home Learning 


Here are some websites that will support you with your learning at home:

Please ask if you need any help logging into the websites and remember to sign up to Class Dojo. 



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